Diagnosis and intervention in the historical facade of the Masó building in Sarrià de Ter

  • Project dossier written in:
    • Fortià Arquitectes
  • Writting team director:
    • Josep Maria Fortià
  • Collaborators:
    • Adela Geli, arquitecte; Roger Soler, arquitecte tècnic; Cristina Thió, restauradora.
  • Promoter:
    • Sarrià de Ter Council


The purpose of this project is the study of pathologies of degradation and subsequent intervention in the main facade of the building of the old schools of Sarrià de Ter, popularly called "Edificio Masó". The facade corresponds to the Calle Mayor number 59 of Sarrià de Ter. There is also a historical study and, later, a complete survey of the building in order to understand the complete intervention in the building and to generate the necessary documentation for future interventions. The objective is to make a coherent intervention with the historical, structural, constructive and economic aspects.


The site where the schools are built presents a facade to the Calle Mayor and Calle Ferial for the rear band. It treats of a plot of long and narrow proportion between medianeras.
The building is concentrated on the side of the main street and subdivided into three successive volumes separated by patios. The plot portion facing Calle Ferial is totally free of construction.


At the level of the repair intervention that is proposed, three main lines of action will be implemented:

-The taking of samples of the elements to intervene in the façade to be able to perform analytics and determine the composition and chromatism of the original materials.
-The cleaning of the entire facade surface with specialized products, consolidation of the stuccos and change of color according to the original by Rafael Masó.
-Intervention in the most representative decorative elements: ceramics and locksmith. Cleaning and consolidation of these.

As previously mentioned, during the diagnostic session the poor state of the main façade of the Sarrià de Ter Schools was noted. The project aims at measures for the conservation and elimination of pathologies taking into account the economic resources and the priority actions to be developed.


(State of the facade before the works of 1983) (Historical archives provided by COAC)


     (Windowing delail in the front wall)