Sculptural park in ''les terreres d'en Macià''


  • Project dossier written in:
    • 2018
  • Writting team director:
    • Josep Maria Fortià Rius
  • Project editor:
    • Josep Maria Fortià Rius i Adela Geli arquitectes
  • Promoter:
    • Ivan Cornell

A private developer has commissioned Fortià architects to recover the sculptural park in Regencòs, the work of the unique sculptor ceramist Antoni Macià (Vic 1918 - Pals 2007). In this property, Macià built and modeled his dreams that take shape with stone, cement, mud and plaster. Macià's work reflects the vitality, modernity and explosive rhythm present in the diversity of forms that its creations have.

The urban planning done by Fortià architects raises the recovery of the sculptural park as a playful and recreational space. The park sculptures are valued as an icon of the Baix Empordà landscape, and at the same time to dinamize this place located in an environment of considerable potential at a touristic and landscape level.