Ultramort community centre

  • Commenced in:
    • January 2010
  • Finalised in:
    • December 2015
  • Project editor:
    • Josep Maria Fortià, architect
  • Project manager:
    • Josep Maria Fortià
  • Works supervisor:
    • Eduard Bonmatí and Arnau Blancafort, quantity surveyors
  • Collaborators:
    • Construccions Miquel Pallés
  • Contrator:
    • Ultramort Town Council

This building, with clear shapes and open plan spaces, is intended to be the new meeting point for community activities in the village Ultramort in Baix Empordà. Situated on the esplanade where the municipal playground is, next to the road from La Bisbal to Verges, is the counterpoint to the rest of facilities situated in the centre of the village.

The interior is an open plan space facing towards the plain, and it is closed with a wall at the rear. The intention is to create a contemporary space with shapes and materials typically found in rural areas: the oxidised meshes, grained texture floors... This way, glass, steel and concrete combine with each other and alternate in a cyclic sequence creating various volumes and textures..

The community centre has a total area of 283 m2 and is composed by a multi-purpose room, toilets and an entrance hall. The building is still in construction phase, funded by the Programa Únic d’Obres i Serveis de la Generalitat, by the Government of Catalonia.