General urban management plan for Regencós

Project dossier written in:
  • 2005
Writting team director:
  • Josep Maria Fortià, architect
Commenced in:
  • September 2005
Finalised in:
  • June 2006
Works supervisor:
  • Josep Maria Fortià / Baix Empordà County Council
  • Sinergis, environmental engineering; Daniel Punseti, archaeologist
  • Regencós Town Council

Regencós Town Council commissioned us to revise their urban planning in order to re-orientate their growth, which was excessively dense to the west side of the town centre.

The new urban plan required adapting to the new urban legislation and at the same time updating the environmental compilations, of architectural patrimony and of the country zones determined to have prohibited development.

The highlights of the project were the consolidation of the services in the south of the town centre, the conservation of regulations and appropriations in the town centre and the reduction of density in the new sections of land which are appropriate for development.