Special Plan for the Protection of Architectural Heritage in El Papiol

(Baix Llobregat)

  • Project dossier written in:
    • Josep M Fortià, arquitecte i director de l'equip. Adela Geli, arquitecta i coordinadora de l'equip. Rosa Maria Gil historiadora de l'art. Elisa Hernandez, arqueologa. Joan Solà, geòleg. Carles Bayés, geògraf. Pere Ylla advocat.
  • Writting team director:
    • Josep Maria Fortià
  • Promoter:
    • Diputació de Barcelona

The Fortià architects team has been chosen to draft the Special Plan for the Protection of Heritage and Architectural Property, Historical and Environmental Property of the Papiol (Baix Llobregat).

In different phases of the work, the analysis of the current planning will be carried out, a first valuation of buildings, archeological and landscape interest, individual files and drafting of the special Protection Plan document.

In the Special Plan a proposal of a chromatic study will also be carried out in order to elaborate a colors and textures palette admitted on facades locksmiths and forges.