The City Council of Calonge entrusts us with the Facultative Management of phase III of intervention in this outstanding monument of the Architectural Heritage of the Baix Empordà.


Calonge Castle is a monument with a very prominent presence in the urban core, both for its physical presence and for the history of the building itself. Historically, archaeological research has been carried out there, which has uncovered the different parts of which the building consists.

It is a large residential house with work from the 13th century and Gothic and later extensions. It has a large armory with a gallery and is surrounded by towers and crenellated walls. The oldest construction is the tower considered to be of tribute, which could be located between the 12th and 14th centuries. It is an almost square building, up to 10 meters high, with arrowheads in the lower part.

It has been restored in three different phases, starting in 1979, with a project and direction by the architects Joan Bassegoda, Jordi Casadevall and Josep Maria Esquius.

In phase III, the object of the current intervention will be the ground floor in the walls and in a metal walkway as well as in the lighting, signaling and protection. At roof level, the current roof and some pavements will be restored. It will also intervene in accessibility and in outdoor spaces such as the weapons yard.