The Diputación de Barcelona, through SPAL, has commissioned our studio to draft the Special Heritage Plan and Property Catalog of the municipality of Bagà, in Berguedà in the Cadí-Moixeró National Park


In the coming months we will work intensively in this core of the Pyrenees, with an important repertoire of architecture and traditional elements. The editorial team is made up of Xavier Busquets, architect; Rosa Maria Gil, historian, Joan Solà and Carme Calafat, environmental technicians, Jordi Merino, archaeologist and Pere Ylla lawyer.

These plans are a diagnosis of all the elements with historical, artistic, architectural or landscape values, urban and rural, that make up the heritage of the place studied. From this point of view, and with the current legislative reality, the special heritage protection plans become a basic instrument through which the municipalities can exercise urban planning management with regard to the protection of historical, architectural and environmental heritage.

The purpose is the conservation, research, dissemination and promotion of the architectural, historical and environmental heritage of the municipality, of all those assets that deserve special protection and defense, so that they can be enjoyed by their neighbors and we can pass them on in the best conditions for future generations.