The Masnou Town Council (Maresme) wants to preserve and regulate the network of Water Mines created from the 18th century with criteria of historical Heritage and Sustainability.


Currently the Masnou Water Mines already have an Interpretation Center in the town centre. The City Council now wants to draft the studies prior to drafting the Special Plan for the Protection and Conservation of Water Mines. Currently, there are about twenty canals scattered throughout the municipality, which constitute an underground network of galleries, distributors and canals that go all the way underground in the urban core.

The drafting team for these preliminary studies will be made up of Josep Maria Fortià and Xavier Busquets, architects and Rosa Maria Gil, historian. The work is expected to be completed by June 2023.

The drafting team will deliver a first Roadmap in April that will establish the criteria and basic priorities of the document. Last March 22, a detailed inspection visit was carried out to some of the mines and private estates, with elements of interest such as laundries, fountains and distributors. The visit was attended by the architect Miguel Angel Hernández and Quim Fabregas on behalf of the Masnou City Council and the editorial team. We were also accompanied by Rosa Maria Andrés, a historian who is working on this topic on the basis of a research grant called by the City Council itself.