In the work direction of the Castell de Calonge Rehabilitation we are facing important challenges at the level of project and direction: the things that appeared in the course of the archaeological excavations and the Sala Major adaptation.


The project, which will pass through the Territorial Commission of Cultural Heritage, has to incorporate two new elements: a band is going to condition the archaeological excavation in the subsoil of the Torre Major del Castell i d'altra Banda is going to pre-write the detailed study of the installations of climatització for the Sala Major.

The excavations dutes a terme by the team of Atics and the archaeologists Xavier Aguelo and Montserrat Freixa have uncovered a series of sitges from the Alt-Medieval period with a spectacular aspect of great interest, above all caress at the museum. Al mateix temps des del nostre despatx s'esta treballant en la projectació de l'elementa de la pasera que ha ha permetració la visualització d'estas nos troballes, aixì com la seva correct ill·luminació i museïtzació.

The other band with the collaboration of the engineer Marc Simon is influencing future climate control conductions. From the dimension that ens passi l'enginyer make a subtle and integrated proposal in a first-class historical space with the Sala Major.

It is also remarkable the work that is done to repair the historical structures of the whip with prosthetic and surgical operations in large patients with important pathologies. These works go to the care of the Empordanese company Tecnifusta and its manager Jordi Figueras. Així mateix also had a supervision of the restoration work by the càrrec of the company 4Restaura and the person in charge, Nuria de Toro.