A double intervention is proposed: a rehabilitation of the historic facades of the eclectic tower building of the early twentieth century and an intervention to improve the energy of the warehouse buildings at the rear of the building.


The historic building has gone through different stages, initially it was a modernist tower linked to a flour farm by the river. Later, it was Pedret's asylum of the Mancomunitat de Catalunya. In the post-war period, the Girona Provincial Council turned it into a School of Nursing until in the 1980s it was transferred to the Generalitat, which made it the headquarters of the Museum of Archeology of Catalonia in Girona. carry out important actions in the whole and were built warehouses in the back of the estate. Currently, this facility houses the MAC Headquarters, administrative services, archeological warehouses, restoration workshops and the depot of the underwater research center.

From now on, from Fortià Arquitectes we will start working on the diagnosis of the existing building, its pathologies and the condition of the façades. Subsequently, a detailed intervention proposal will be presented. With regard to energy improvement, a structural verification is proposed in order to evaluate the capacity of the slabs to support the photovoltaic panels, followed by a project to implement the solar panels.