Mas Maruny is an important historical building and family heritage in the rural center of Sant Pol, in La Bisbal d'Empordà. The property wants to start the Rural Tourism project in Mas Maruny, in order to enhance and revitalize this historical heritage.

The intervention aims to highlight the global environment around the Mas, bringing into play different elements in a new relationship of uses and forms between them. On a territorial scale, the natural spaces and forest exploitations of the family, on the other hand the historical building of the Mas Maruny destined to Museum of the rural life and finally from the new uses and forms of the implantations of the last decades, based on farming and the craft industry.

The action at urban and territorial level is proposed at three scales and in three consecutive phases:


Mas Maruny Special Urban Plan and the set of buildings that make it up.

It is necessary to make a large-scale document that highlights the different built pieces that make up the farmhouse (old house, new house, garages and porch, northeast wing, era house) and the linked outdoor spaces (farmhouse field , era, agricultural fields, ...).

Basic project of the Mas Maruny complex and rural tourism activity project on the estate.

This document must be addressed once the Special Urban Plan has been approved and agreed with the different administrations. It will be necessary to put on the table the future vocation of the different bodies of the Mas, the housing units that are proposed in accordance with the sectorial regulations.

Executive project of the intervention in the Northeast wing for use as Rural Tourism.

-Structure - Energy efficiency - Formal and aesthetic treatment - Treatment of outdoor spaces