The City Council approves the project of the intervention in the Chapel of Santa Lucía drawn up by Fortià Arquitectes

The chapel of Santa Lucía in Girona will become a new space-laboratory for emerging talents to develop new digital formats. The Girona City Council has already approved the project, prepared by Fortià Arquitectes, and which is part of the Territorial Specialization and Competitiveness Project for cultural and creative industries that will have as its epicenter the old Modern cinema, a space whose chapel of Santa Lucía will be complementary.

Santa Lucía -chapel located in the John Lennon gardens- will become a multipurpose space for the research and development of new digital formats. The objective is that it serves to support artists so that they can work and disseminate their works.

The council has already given the definitive green light to the construction project of the new space, it will mostly have mobile elements so that it can accommodate multiple artistic formats and, if necessary, simultaneously house the works of two or more artists and different cultural activities. thus also facilitating the exchange of experiences between the different disciplines. Once the works begin - which still do not have a start date. The digital projects that are developed, says the councilor, may be compatible with other artistic disciplines.

In this way, the Girona city council reaffirms its commitment to cultural industries as one of the strategic sectors of the city. In this sense, Santa Lucía will be a complementary space to the great center of reference that the old Modern cinema has to become, which will be the headquarters of the new arts and creation center of the city. In addition, it also highlights the synergies that will be created with the Bòlit, another of the city's cultural spaces.

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