The Masnou City Council has commissioned Fortià Arquitectes with the Special Plan that will regulate the interventions in the Bellresguard complex, a sample of contemporary architecture from the 1980s.

This Special Plan that is now proposed will establish which are the elements of the residential complex that have value as architectural heritage. These elements cannot be altered or substantially modified in future interventions that will have to be undertaken in order to respond to the different pathologies that the buildings in this sector suffer from.

The Special Plan will regulate, based on urban planning regulations and management plans, the interventions that can be carried out on all the buildings that make up the Bell Resguard complex.


Drafting and Delivery of document for initial approval.

- Detailed recognition of the Set. Graphic representation and description of each of its buildings, public spaces and other elements that make it up.

- Regulations governing interventions in facades (colors and textures), in common areas on the ground floor (pavements, lattice, ...) and in accessory elements (ceramic cladding, railings, awnings and carpentry)

- Regulations on intervention projects in community spaces: Pavements for outdoor spaces, access stairs to the different blocks, vegetation and gardening elements.

- Catalog of colors, textures and furniture elements.

-Complete Special Plan Document for Initial Approval.


Urban planning regulations.

Final adjustments in agreement with the Masnou City Council and the Territorial Commission of Urbanism of the Metropolitan Arch of Barcelona (CTU-ARC)