Traditional Architecture, ESSENCE OR FORM

An opened debate concerning the intervention of the vernacular architecture.


This book gathers the presentations presented in the Course-days XXXVIII International about the Intervention in the Architectural Heritage, which took place in Barcelona from 17th to 20th of December of 2015. It has been done an analysis of the actions that are carried out in the traditional architecture, as well as a reflection on the criteria, the attitudes and the existing legislation. 

The presentations have been directes for experts as G.A. G.A. Caminada, Pierre Frey, Fernando Vegas and Camilla Mileto, Stephan Valière, John Bucknall, Ricardo Rodrigues, Ton Salvadó, Itziar Gonzalez and Salima Naji, entre altres.  La dirección i coordinació ha anat a càrrec de Josep Maria Fortià and Mònica Alcindor.