Historical conservation area in Vulpellac

The old Vulpellac articulates a number of sites of architectural interest.

  • Project dossier written in:
    • April 2007
  • Writting team director:
    • Ph.D. in Architecture Josep Maria Fortià
  • Collaborators:
    • Valeria Buffa, architect; Daniel Punseti and Judit Cabra, archaeologists
  • Promoter:
    • Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Cultura

The authorities responsible for heritage of the Catalan Government (Direcció General de Patrimoni del la Generalitat de Catalunya) commissioned us in 2007 the technical inquiry to declare the old city centre in Vulpellac to be of ‘cultural heritage interest’ (Bé Cultural d’Interès Nacional).

The old town centre in Vulpellac consists of a number of different tours and features of high architectural interest, which invite visitors to admire and walk around the streets in the old city centre. Inappropriate actions could cause the loss or deterioration of such characteristic value and consequently it is of primary importance to integrate and preserve this historic centre.

The project delimitates the historical centre and sets intervention criteria, in order to achieve full protection for the area, and therefore making possible the preservation of those historical, cultural and archaeological values in the centre of the town.

These documents were produced as an ‘Expedient de Declaració de Conjunt Històric’; in accordance with the law 9/1993 of the Patrimoni Cultural Català (Catalan Cultural Heritage) as a recognition of the cultural values present in the old city centre in Vulpellac, with which precise limits of the historic area are determined, in order to protect it and at the same time allow a rational development.

In this exhaustive project, we studied the types of architecture, the growth phases of the centre and the different elements of the popular architecture in the village.